Monday, September 08, 2008

A BCer in BC once more

With the election campaign underway, this afternoon I'll be beginning a five-week leave from my day job and flying back to my homeland of Beautiful British Columbia this evening for the duration of the election team.

I'll be joining the communications team of the Liberal campaign in B.C. where, in addition to helping with our out-reach to the online community, I'll be writing an "Inside the War Room" blog for the Web site, a behind the scenes look at the communications strategy and the campaign across BC during the election.

Think of something similar to what Scott Feschuk did in the last campaign, but with slightly less references to vague 1980s television sitcoms. But only slightly less.

I hope to cross-post those posts here and to remain as active as possible here blogging throughout the campaign.

However it goes without saying, of course, that anything I write on this blog does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Liberal Party, Stephane Dion, my Mom, or any other group or organization I may be associated with, have been associated with, or may be associated with in the future.

Less than 10 hours till the ocean, salt air and the mountains. Can't wait…

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900ft Jesus said...

Best wishes to you and your group out there. Looking forward to the war room reports.

penlan said...

How exciting Jeff! Go get 'em!! All the best!

Barcs said...

Coming home is always enjoyable.

I would wish you lots of rest and relaxation, but that doesn't appear to be your reason for going.

But I do hope you get to enjoy some of that BC charm whilst you are running around on the campaign.

Walks With Coffee said...

Call me went you are in Victoria... I have the ear of every newspaper in the country (sans the national post).



Anonymous said...

Great idea. While you are at it, include Chretien and Martin for blatantly promising FOUR TIMES during different election campaigns that they would spend $500 million on the Toronto waterfront renewal. Never saw one cent. Now those are consistent, whopper lies that should be prosecuted, eh?

And, while on the same thread, why not indict Dalton McGuinty for the 126 broken promises he consciously made. To name a few: no tax increases (but put through a $1,200/yr health "premium" within months of taking office), promised to close down the coal-fired gen stations by 2006 (still roaring away), added provincial sales tax onto disabled vehicle sales, etc.

Yes, by all means pursue your silly campaign. Just provide some balance by noting which proposals the Liberals voted against, or more importantly, which ones they sat on the hands for, or had the Liberal-dominated senate do their dirty work by obstructing the wishes of ELECTED representatives.

penlan said...

burpnrun - thanks for the reminders. Now have you remembered all of Harper's broken promises? Or are they swept under the rug in your mind? Be careful what you say. Pointing fingers always get pointed back at you.

Anonymous said...

@penlan: I'll leave the CPC list up to you, since you have an appetite for it. Use their 2006 platform as the base, eh?