Sunday, September 07, 2008

Why is Stephen Harper scared of Elizabeth May?

The leaders debates will be October 1st and 2nd in Ottawa, reports the Globe. Or will they...

There are concerns that Ms. May could throw her support behind the Liberals toward the end of the election, and the Conservative Party and the NDP have expressed strong reservations about her participation in the debate.

While the Liberals agree with inviting Ms. May, it's not clear that the Conservative Leader Stephen Harper will agree to appear if she is on the set.

Stephen, I've met Elizabeth, and she's really very nice. There's absolutely no need to run from the set in fright if you see her standing there.

Seriously. She won't bite.

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RuralSandi said...

Big, rough, tough, cream puff Harper is afraid of an intelligent woman.


Barcs said...

Yeah, yeah its all the scary right wing conservatives that are keeping her out. Duceppe and Laytons comments have nothing to do with it.

The reality is among the 4 (Real) party leaders there is only 1 who would benefit from her speaking in the debates. And that is Dion.

It will bring his main issue into the forefront, and more people taking up time means he will answer fewer times and fewer of the tough questions.

Dion is just looking for an easy way out of talking too much during the debates.