Monday, October 06, 2008

Bad dates with Stephen Harper

Just stumbled across a series of videos on YouTube (h/t) called bad dates with Stephen Harper. Written and performed by rich, gala going, wine-swilling Toronto artists, each short video features a woman talking about her "bad date" experience with Stephen Harper. Some of them are quite funny. Here's a few I enjoyed, and there are many more available here.


Stevie Jr.:

Going out for Chinese:

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Olaf said...

Hell has no wrath like an artist scorned. I'm actually mesmerized by the negative backlash resulting from such measly funding cuts. I guess that's what happens when you piss off a community that likes nothing more than attracting attention to itself.

Mark Richard Francis said...

Thank God Harper hasn't pissed off the oil and gas industry. They still get their immense subsidies.

Jeff said...

Seems like a good lesson to learn Olaf, don't piss off the creative types. The only thing keeping Harper afloat is that they're too busy going to fancy galas to REALLY fight back hard.