Monday, October 27, 2008

Carbon tax? Sounds good, some political party should really propose one

Because if you can’t laugh at all these media stories talking about how a carbon shift is needed and is a pretty good idea that have been coming in droves since AFTER election day, then all you can do is cry salty, bitter tears of salty bitterness.

*Don't believe in climate change? You still need a carbon tax
*Debate over energy plans 'exaggerated'; Little difference between carbon tax, cap-and-trade programs: report
*Canadians may appear cold to the carbon tax - until you rephrase the question
*Some kind of carbon levy needed: economist
*Range of policies needed on climate change, study says
*Dion took a good green idea down with him
*Campaign misinformation has set back climate change debate
*Climate change fight 'an economic generator'
*Reluctant environmentalists; Why a carbon tax is coming, whether Canadians like it or not
*Green Shift had merits
*Dion took a great idea down with him

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tedhsu said...

It's hard to suppress the truth. That's why it's such a powerful ally.

Steve V said...


I actually called this during the election. After the vote was over, the media would return to their rational discussion of issues, I'm just waiting for Mansbridge to head back to the Arctic to warn us all of the looming DANGERS.

The first hints of my "salty bitterness", the night before the election, CTV did a campaign roundup. Discussing the carbon tax, they had an expert on, who said what a sound idea it was, that had wide support. It was hilarious, where was this discussion DURING the campaign?

Anyways, back to all the stories detailing how the government's plan is inadequate, we really need something all encompassing, something like a tax on carbon. The only problem, nobody will touch it now, it's like electoral poison.

MLM said...

The media seems to report the stories that sell; Dion failing was more interesting than Dion succeeding. A carbon tax "screwing everone" is a better story that a rational shift on taxes that involves any level of complicated explanation.

If the Canadian media is guilty of anything this past election, its certainly guilty of these two things:

1. Patent laziness;
2. Putting money before journalistic integrity.