Friday, October 10, 2008

Sea change

Tonight's BC battleground riding numbers from Strategic Counsel confirm surging Liberal strength in British Columbia, and make clear that the only way to defeat the Harper Conservatives is by voting Liberal:

For the first time in the 2008 election, the Liberals have pulled ahead of the Conservatives in British Columbia's battleground ridings.

That's in stark contrast from the start the campaign period when the Conservatives were polling at 45 per cent compared to the Liberals' 25 per cent.

British Columbia polling

In British Columbia's 10 battlegrounds, the race is now a statistical tie, with the Liberals barely out in front of the Conservatives in polling conducted Oct. 6-8.

Here are the parties' results in B.C. (Brackets show percentage-point change from Oct. 1-4 poll):

* Liberal: 33 per cent (+6)
* Conservative: 31 per cent (-7)
* NDP: 23 per cent (+1)
* Bloc: n/a
* Green Party: 14 per cent (same)

The Conservatives had as much as 46 per cent support in September polling in B.C. battlegrounds.

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Gayle said...


Today our local news here in Edmonton ran a story about how Rahim Jaffer is playing attack ads on the radio claiming Layton's support for decriminalizing marihuana equates to permitting drug dealers in our schools.

Just after I saw that a pollster came to our door. We said we were voting NDP for strategic reasons, and he said he was hearing a lot of that. He told us the polls were showing that Linda Duncan is virtually tied with Jaffer.

So, as I predicted, Alberta may not go completely blue after all.

Not as exciting as what is going on in BC, but for Alberta this is pretty big!

Anonymous said...

wooohooooo, go libs go

ABC and unseat the Pete

WesternGrit said...

And our Sub-Prime Minister calls Afghanistan an "invasion" in Richmond this morning...

tdwebste said...

A little reminder EVERYONE should read! Read the supplied link.

Harper's Conservatives don't and won't accept government's necessary role of preparing for our future.

Harper followed Bush's example and first deregulated credit. August 2006, than again in November 2006 CMHC relaxed its standards. Prior to Harper, government insured mortgage were a prudent maximum of 25 years and with a minimum down payment of 5%. The introduction of dangerous zero down 40yr mortgages fueled already out of control housing prices. Canada is not suffering to the extend the US people are suffering because the Liberals know there is piper to pay and did not follow Bush deregulating credit. Only after Canada felt the growing credit crises did Harper reverse the dangerous zero down 40yr mortgages effective Oct 15 2008 which he earlier introduced in 2006.

Harper is clueless about the world around him and is in personal denial.