Sunday, October 05, 2008

Some great BC videos

Some of the Liberal campaigns in British Columbia are doing some interesting things with video. Here are offerings from Briony Penn (Saanich-Gulf Islands) and Ian Sutherland (West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country).

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ch said...

That second ad (green shift) is great. Is it going to run on TV? It should. More people should see it.

Jeff said...

Ch, I don't know but I'd guess it's likely web-only. At just over a minute, its too long for conventional tv.

Northern PoV said...

Great! but it would work much better in the 15 seconds format.

Lets hope the national campaign re cuts a shorter version and runs it.

Unknown said...

I realize that this is a much spoofed commercial but I would like to point out that David Sparrow, NDP candidate in the riding of Don Valley West has been doing his own versions of the PC/MAC commercial since the beginning of the campaign.

Liberal version PC/MAC
From: SutherlandCampaign
Added: October 04, 2008

NDP versions (none mention liberals fyi):