Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Two new Liberal ads

The Liberal Plan

The Real Agenda

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Anonymous said...

These are great ads. I think they are my favorite of the campaign.

Actually, I like the French "people speaking into the camera ads" a lot as well, but they never had an exact equivalent in English.

The first one here is the closest.

MrvnMouse said...

It's good seeing the Liberals go for the jugular without being petty about it.

The attack ad is strong, but also backed up by how the Libs could do things differently. That's nice to see.

Demosthenes said...

Interesting that they switched from "let's get started" to "always there for you". Makes sense, to be honest. It's far more effective and germane.

And, yes, both ads are good. The positive ad does a good job of reminding people of how the Liberal party is interwoven into Canadian society, and the latter sets that concept against the backdrop of Harper's pitiless neoconservative ideology. It's good work.

(Remember when the Liberal War Room was supposed to be incompetent? Dunno if it's your shop responsible for the shift or not, but you can tell 'em they're doing good work.)