Saturday, November 08, 2008

BREAKING: It's Vancouver!

Just into my inbox:

Date: November 8, 2008
For release: Immediate

Liberal Party President Doug Ferguson Announces Location and Terms of the next Leadership Convention

OTTAWA – Liberal Party President Doug Ferguson today announced that the National Executive has chosen Vancouver as the site of the next Liberal Leadership Convention. The Convention will be held at the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre from April 30, 2009 to May 3, 2009.

“After careful review of all viable options, I am proud to announce that Liberal delegates will choose the next Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada in beautiful British Columbia,” said Mr. Ferguson.

Mr. Ferguson also commented on the importance of highlighting the national scope of the Liberal Party of Canada. This decision, it is hoped, will energize our grassroots in a region of the country which has never hosted a Liberal Leadership Convention.

In addition to the date and location of the Convention, the National Executive has set the entry fee for Leadership candidates at $90,000 and the spending limit at $1.5 million. A levy of 10% will also be imposed on directed donations. As an added measure, a rebate option will be available to candidates according to their ability to raise funds for the Victory Fund, a grassroots fundraising initiative of the Liberal Party of Canada.

“The decisions made today were made in the best interest of the Liberal Party of Canada,” said Mr. Ferguson. “Though our work continues this weekend, I take pride in our Executive’s ability to arrive at these crucial decisions quickly and respectfully. I look forward to the same spirit of cooperation in what promises to be an historic and exciting Leadership race.”

The Liberal Party’s constitution requires the National Executive to meet within 27 days of the Leader publicly signaling his intention to resign. In addition to the date, location and broad terms of the Leadership Contest, the National Executive must establish membership rules, construct several committees and make key appointments intended to ensure the success of the Leadership contest and Convention. Further details of these decisions will be announced following the adjournment on Sunday, November 9, 2008.


NOTE: Liberal Party President Doug Ferguson will hold a press briefing following the meeting of the National Executive.

Date: Sunday, November 9, 2008

Time: 1 :00 PM (approximate time – briefing will follow adjournment)

Location: Lord Elgin Hotel (Lady Elgin Room)

100 Elgin Street

Ottawa, Ontario

Early reactions

Good on the national executive for recognizing that the right thing for the future growth of the party was to keep it in Vancouver. Not to mention fairness, as the policy convention was already slated for the city, and to yank it would have been a serious insult.

The entry fees seems reasonable, as does the spending cap. I like the idea of the 10% levy on donations, I would have favoured a little higher but at least the party coffers will be slightly less screwed than they would have otherwise. It doesn't say, but I'm hoping the entry fee is non-refundable as well. And that, this time, it actually stays that way. Also, I'd like more information on the bit about Victory Fund incentives, but this sounds interesting and could potentially be a very good idea.

There's still more details and announcements to come, we'll wait for those tomorrow.
For now, I'm just very happy that the convention is staying in Vancouver, and one way or another I hope to be back on the left coast at the end of April.

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Greg said...

Cool, that's a great opportunity for you, Double J.

Now, will the party elect a leader that Canadians will respond to and not just Liberals this time?