Thursday, November 06, 2008

NOW Harper decides to listen to economists

Stephen Harper and economists, circa 2005:

Some economists have come out against Conservative Leader Stephen Harper's election campaign promise to lower the GST.

"From an economic point of view, it wouldn't be my first choice," Bill Robson, senior vice-president of the CD Howe Institute, told CBC Newsworld on Thursday.

"If you want tax cuts that are going to promote work, going to promote saving, help us invest more and raise living standards in the future, the GST is not the tax you would go after."

Robson said it would be better to cut personal income taxes.

Stephen Harper and economists, circa 2008:
Prime Minister Stephen Harper says economists made it clear to him today he shouldn't shy away from deficit spending.

Speaking after a meeting with an economic think-tank in Toronto, Harper said he was given a direct message.

He says he was told: ``Don't be afraid to run a deficit if the deficit is in the best interest of the economy.''

Economists: ivory tower eggheads out of touch with "real Canadians," or wise experts whose advice should be heeded? Depends on the day of the week, it would seem.

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