Wednesday, November 05, 2008

'Ol love 'em and leave 'em Stephen Harper

Remember the media charm offensive by campaigning Stephen Harper just last month?

The new, accessible Stephen Harper welcomed a pack of journalists over for breakfast in Scarborough this morning. Here’s what it was like.

Yeah, well, election is over. He doesn't need you any more, press corps:
The chill is back on the frosty relations between Stephen Harper and the national press corps.

Following a brief thaw during the federal election campaign, the Prime Minister's Office returned Thursday to a contentious practice of compiling advance lists of media organizations who want to question Harper at news conferences.

When it first instituted the policy two years ago, the PMO said it wanted to preserve decorum and avoid disorder. But critics say the real aim is to allow Harper to control the news agenda.

"It's not done in an objective way, it's done in a subjective way," said Richard Brennan of the Toronto Star, president of the parliamentary press gallery.

"He takes people's names and picks and chooses the people he wants to ask questions."

The policy was ditched during the five-week election campaign as Harper mounted a charm offensive aimed at softening his public image.

But it was back in force Thursday following a cabinet shuffle that gave rise to the prime minister's first post-election news conference on Parliament Hill.

Fool you once media, shame on, shame on him. Fool you, you shouldn't get fooled again. And again. And again.

But hey, at least he bought you breakfast.

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James Curran said...

Is it just me Jeff, or is his hair back to being brown instead of grey such as it was on the campaign.

A Eliz. said...

j.c. I noticed his hair, how grey it was with the blue sweater, and, in the light, now shows brown, we aren't crazy.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, but it's a sick and twisted relationship they have because the more Harper abuses the press the more they seem to bow to his magnificence.

Jeff said...

James I've tried to avoid looking at Harper post-election, but I did notice during the writ that he had really seemed to age since 05. Of course, government will age you quickly. Are you suggesting though he may have coloured in some grey to look more leadery, trusting, wise? Interesting.

the more Harper abuses the press the more they seem to bow to his magnificence

We don't know Harper like they know Harper. He's really very sweet! Sure he's a bad boy, but they can change him!