Tuesday, December 02, 2008

(Video) Dion ate his wheaties in question period today

I liked the passion and fire in St├ęphane Dion in question period today. Here's some highlights:

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Constant Vigilance said...

Very inspiring.

I am beginning to think that the punditry poo-pooing (PPP)of Mr. Dion as interim P.M. is primarily sour grapes because they can't back track on how thoroughly they fell for Blue Sweater Vest Steve and the Puffin.

While there is still no guarantee that this will work and if it does it will only be for a few months, over the last six "notre chef" has re-written his place in history.

petroom said...

Wow, shit, he was pissed off; Stephen Harper is lucky it's TWO sword lengths between them.

Chrystal Ocean said...

I love the new Dion. What fire and passion! This is what Canadians need to see.

sjw said...

Unfortunately one man's fire is another man's smoldering ember. I too enjoyed Dion's pithy bluster, but I can also see how those who dislike the man will likely view his performance with scorn and ridicule. Where Mr Dion is concerned there doesn't seem to be an awful lot of middle ground among the electorate.

Idealistic Pragmatist said...

I love "every member of this House has a mandate." YES!