Saturday, December 06, 2008

(Video) Ed Broadbent lays the smack down

I've been having issues uploading to YouTube the last few days, but they appear to be resolved now. These are highlights from an interview with former NDP leader Ed Broadbent on Wednesday where, while discussing the possible coalition govenment, he calls El Presidente Harper and his Conservatives out on their penchant for out and out lying.

It was a great performance by Ed. I'd love to see Jean Chretien out there too, talking-up the coalition cause.

"They lie. I repeat. They pay people to lie about other people, and destroy things."

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Anonymous said...


You mean like what Dion said about not forming a coalition with a party whose policies would destroy Canada's finances?

Is that what you mean by a lie?

RuralSandi said...

I believe they said Chretien is in Florida - but is available at any time by phone.

900ft Jesus said...

paririe kid, do you honestly not see the difference between Dion coming to an agreement through discussion with other elected members and parties (isn't that part of our democratice process and cooperating with them to meet the will of the majority - Harper is always going on about cooperating with other parties) and the outright inventions and lies Harper has been telling (the flag deal, senate appointments) to hang on to power?

Harper told lies. He said there were no flags, and wow, lookie! Flags right in the photos! And that matters because he lied to deceive Canadians into thinking the coalition didn't care about Canada.

As to the Dion thing - you are distorting the truth or simply repeating yet another CON lie - during the election, Dion said he wasn't planning on a coalition, wasn't leaning that way. He came back to the House, supported the Throne speech with reservations, but when the obscenity that portrayed itself as a fiscal update meant to deal with an economic crisis came out and offered nothing to stimulate the economy but was used for political gain by the CONs, he did what a good politician should do - worked with other parties to come up with a plan against disaster. Perfectly legal, perfectly democratic, at which the CONs lied yet again calling these actions treacherous and illegal.

Harper lies. Trying to say this person or that person does as well won't change that fact.

Really terrific video, BCer. Thanks.

Niles said...

I recommend everyone get access to the film "All the King's Men" and watch the last half.

There are similarities all too familiar in efforts to keep power when the entrenched governor's dynasty is actually threatened.

Jafo said...

Not only is Harper a liar, he's also a hypocrite. He tried to form a coalition back in 2004.