Monday, December 01, 2008

Video: Opposition leaders press conference

I wasn't at home this afternoon to click record on the opposition leaders press conference, but luckily it coincided with my pre-set recording of the Don Newman broadcast, so while I missed the beginning of St├ęphane Dion's opening statement, I did get the bulk of the presser. Of course, it took some doing to get 30 minutes of footage down under the YouTube 10 minute limit for non-directors, so here are the highlights:

(BTW, watch the reaction of the unknown journalist in line when the guy from Sun Media asks a ridiculously-slanted question, jerking his head around in a WTF?! kinda way. It's priceless. Around 6:19)

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susansmith said...

thanks BCer. I don't watch TV, so it was great to watch this "historic moment." Thanks.

Kurb said...

Apparently according to Macleans, Dion mentioned at the signing that he will be making Senate appointments... how is that will work since the NDP don't believe the Senate should exist?

Kurb said...

Thanks for this one

Jeff said...

kurb i don't know how the senate appintments would work. I recall Paul Martin offered the NDP appointments during his minority (he also appointed a conservative, Hugh Segal) but Layton declined. Martin did appoint a former NDPer to senate who now sits as an independent NDPer, and doesn't sit with the NDP parliamentary caucus. All Dion said during the presser was they'd consult.