Tuesday, December 02, 2008

You know it's over when they're laughing at you Steve

Ha ha, this is priceless:

Harper's appeal to flag falls flat
Source: The Canadian Press
Dec 2, 2008 15:32

OTTAWA _ An attempt by Stephen Harper to wrap himself in the flag and take a dig at the opposition coalition fell flat Tuesday.

The prime minister has been portraying the Liberal-NDP-Bloc Quebecois government-in-waiting as an unholy alliance of ``socialists and separatists.''

During question period, he suggested the opposition parties staged their pact-signing ceremony Monday without a Canadian flag in the background because of the separatist Bloc.

``Yesterday, as part of the culmination of the machinations of the leader of the NDP, we had these three parties together, forming this agreement, signing a document and they wouldn't even have the Canadian flag behind them,'' he said.

``They had to be photographed without it because a member of their coalition does not even believe in the country.''

Video confirms that Harper was technically right. There wasn't a Canadian flag in the background -- there were two.

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cls said...

In total there were four Canadian flags: 2 on either side of the table where they signed their agreement, and 2 on either side of the provincial flags behind the table they used for the press conference.

That guy said...

What a maroon.

sjw said...

There are liars, damn liars and then there is Stephen Harper.

sjw said...

You also know it's over when...

During today's QP when Gilles Duceppe said, (paraphrase) "I've been in this place long enough to know that when people are constantly leaping to their feet giving thunderous applause, things aren't going very well for you"..

Too true.

Green World said...

Harper is now a joke -worldover if he wasn't before. He was always a power hungry dicktator. Off with his head, on with a coalition for the people.

Leny Vilekoskytch said...

Maybe Stephen Harper just doesn't know what the Canadian flag looks like. No one is giving him the benefit of the doubt here. But it's hard to keep it straight when American media keeps bombarding Canada with images of the stars and stripes.

Green World said...

Lets all rally around a Coalition for Christmas....it would do a country good.

Mark Richard Francis said...

Some of those Tories never liked the new flag. Maybe Harper's confused? ;)