Saturday, January 10, 2009

Can jerkiness really be cured?

The Natty Post's John Ivison says Stephen Harper has looked inside his soul and, having stared death in the face, has seen the light and mended his jerky ways.

The headline?

Near death cures Tories

I'll be filing away that headline, and some of these highlights, for future reference:
*When asked whether the justice bills will be deemed to be confidence measures, the Prime Minister's Office seemed to suggest that only money bills will be deemed confidence. "The government is focused on the economy, at this time, other issues as secondary," said Kory Teneyecke, director of communications.

*Conservatives say that the Prime Minister is "reaching out" during the budget process, after being chastened by his near-political death experience before Christmas. The hope is that Mr. Harper will be more focused on the deteriorating economy than on inflicting political ill-health and penury on his opponents.

*The expectation is that this understanding will spread to committee rooms, where MPs will belatedly reach the conclusion that their endless subordination of important long-term issues to political trivia is a luxury the country can no longer afford.

Has Harper's jerkiness really been cured, or is he just in temporary remission? Time will tell, but I know where I'm placing my bets.

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sassy said...

..looked inside his soul

I love a good joke.

saii said...

How can I believe a person that said one thing but did another 'many times?' And is he really serious about the economy, or is he worried that he'll lose his job? I respect Harper as our PM but I just cant make myself believe that he'll do what he says.