Friday, January 09, 2009

I hear they`re hiring at ATV... perhaps this Lund fellow can give their anchor some lessons in the proper way to phrase hypothetical questions to potential Prime Ministers:

Mr. Ignatieff's promises came in response to a question from audience member Stephen Lund, CEO of Nova Scotia Business Inc., who urged him to "be specific."

"So you're the new prime minister," Mr. Lund hypothesized. "You start on Monday. Tell me what you are going to do the first 100 days specifically to address some of the economic issues in our country." Mr. Ignatieff got a laugh from the crowd when he quipped: "I like some of this scenario quite a lot."
Clear and concise as to time frame, and consistent in tense. Bravo Mr. Lund, gold star!

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lyrical said...

I wonder what will happen to Mike Duffy's Senatorial appointment if the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council rules that CTV violated provisions of the Broadcasters' Code of Ethics during the election campaign.

Read more here.