Monday, January 05, 2009

International Bowl in pictures

On Saturday I attended the International Bowl, an NCAA College football bowl game, at Skydome between the University of Buffalo and the University of Connecticut. They've had a couple of these now and they've never really advertised them well, but with Buffalo in this year, it was a big crowd with just over 40,000 on hand.

It was a fun game, Buffalo was clearly outclassed but their special teams and some UConn fumbles kept them in it in the first half. Second half, though, UConn's skill came through with Buffalo offering no defence against the run and making some really poor play selection.

A big part of the event was the bands, each team had their bands there and playing, and performing at half time. The bands are a big part of US college ball so I was looking forward to this, but the lack of microphones at field level made it tough to really hear them, so that was disappointing.

A good time though, and I hope they advertise it better in the future because it's a fun event, particularly with a team from just down the road busing in a lot of fans to give it a pretty good atmosphere.

(Clicking pictures will embiggen.)

The UConn band performs before the game.

The 1958 Buffalo Bulls are honoured before the game, great story.

Good crowd, lots of Buffalo fans.

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