Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This must be live-blogged

If only I could be in Ottawa tomorrow. From tomorrow's press conference schedule:

OTTAWA _ The neorhino party of Canada holds news conference to present the project of separating Quebec from Canada and unite it to Cuba to form a new country named CUBEC. (4 p.m. at Room 130-S, Centre Block, Parliament Hill)

Surely some member of the press gallery can tear themselves away from the utterly predictable budget analysis and confidence vote will they/won't they stories tomorrow long enough to venture down to the Charles Lynch Room to cover this VIP (very important presser). O'Malley, I'm looking at you. Wells, maybe they'll announce high-speed rail to link the Cu to the Bec.

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

It's gotta be Kady, who else could do it justice.