Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Video: Tom Flanagan's budget reaction

(Former?) senior Conservative strategist, University of Calgary political science professor, and Stephen Harper mentor, Tom Flanagan, discusses the budget and the reaction of the opposition parties. He makes some interesting observations and has some strong words, and very good advice, for NDP leader Jack Layton. Advice I'm confident (and happy) Jack will probably ignore.

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Blues Clair said...

Ignatieff supporters new buddy, Tom.


Jeff said...

Don't worry, you'll be invited to the wedding. Salmon or steak?

Babylonian777 said...

A very good analysis by Mr. Flanagan. He calls it like it is.

Blues Clair said...

Salmom please. I hope Ezra is there.

"Parliment is not a kindergardern"

Indeed, ask John Baird.


Jeff said...

It may be farmed, if that impacts your decision. I'm checking; I'm pushing for wild though.

Ezra and Warren will be best men.