Monday, February 09, 2009

Ignatieff in Orillia (Updated)

Liberal interim leader Michael Ignatieff held a standing room-only town-hall meeting in Orillia on Saturday that has generated some positive local media coverage. Here's a sampling.

*Ignatieff visits Orillia
Federal Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff began his speech to Orillians by connecting himself to a man that the people of this city are very familiar with.

“This town will be forever associated with Stephen Leacock,” he said to the crowd of 300 people crammed into the Orillia council chambers on Saturday afternoon. “Just a little story… My grandfather was a school teacher and he taught school with Stephen Leacock. They were personal friends.”

Ignatieff came to Orillia on Saturday to allow Orillians to “get a close look” at him, to encourage them to vote Liberal in future elections and to address questions that concern the people of this community.

“I’m here to listen to you,” he said. “I don’t think you can lead unless you listen and you’ve got to listen without a safety net, you’ve got to listen at whatever comes at you. So I would be happy to listen.”

*What Iggy had to say
Federal Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff shares his opinion on topics concerning Orillians during his town hall style meeting in council chambers on Saturday. This is an edited version of his responses to questions.

UPDATE: Here's another from the Huronia Business Times (h/t):

*Grit leader grilled in Orillia
The Liberals supported the federal budget because “Canada needed an election like a hole in the head,” party leader Michael Ignatieff told an Orillia audience Saturday.

While vowing not to bring down the Stephen Harper Conservative government on “frivolous grounds,” Ignatieff warned that a non-confidence vote is inevitable.

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