Monday, February 23, 2009

Obviously Brad May and Stephen Harper have never met

Usually I let Stephen Harper's attempts to ingratiate himself to "average Canadians" via transparent hockey-related photo-ops pass without comment, but Harper (who is writing a book about hockey doncha know) visited with the Maple Laughs in NYC this weekend and I found this quote from Toronto's Brad May rather amusing (aside from May's school-girl fawning):

"I had no idea he was going to come see us," veteran forward Brad May said. "Obviously, it's one of those memorable moments you have not only in your career, but in your entire life. You wouldn't think he would have that much spare time, so it was great that he made time for us."

I can see how Brad would think that, particularly since PM Steve has been laying low lately, avoiding question period and other unscripted public appearances, 'lest he get tagged with this nasty little economic crisis. He must be a busy guy, no?

But I guess Steve still has time for the important things. And good luck with the book. I'm sure Michael Ignatieff would be happy to proof-read it for you, if you ever get it done. He managed to knock one out himself during his Christmas vacation.

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kenlister1 said...

why would iggy need to proof Harper's book? Most of it was already proofed years ago when it was originally written by Australia's former PM Howard and his speech writers. Are you suggesting Harper would risk writing his own thoughts instead of simply plagiarizing again?

RGM said...

As much as I love the plagiarism joke, I don't know how much former Prime Minister Howard knows about the Great Canadian Game. Likely not enough to fill a book, I'd wager.
I wonder if Harper's asked if he can get an interview with Ken Dryden though?