Friday, February 06, 2009

Our "liberal" media at work

So late this afternoon its quietly announced that the Conservatives are dropping the $3.5 million libel lawsuit against the Liberal Party over the Cadman affair. Gee, the Prime Minister dropping a libel lawsuit against the main opposition party, questions still unanswered about just what "financial considerations" they offered a dying MP for his vote and what Harper knew and when. That seems newsworthy, yes?

Let's see how our infamous "liberal" media, as my conservative friends insist on liking to call them, are playing the story.

First, here's the National Post. They do give the story third-billing, so that's something. It might have gotten top billing, but this peanut butter story makes Watergate look like a church picnic, so how could they not lead with it?

How about the Globe and Mail. It's there somewhere, I'm sure...let's see, big photo of Harper with hockey players, he's doing something with arenas it seems, but I'm not sure what...there it is, third story, next to something about chickens chasing foxes.

Let's wander over to CTV. Obama looking pissed off, a cop looking even more pissed off...look, a where's the story, must be here somewhere...ah, there it is, right between Harper saying Duffy insenuating a sexual relationship between two premiers was "perhaps" inappropriate and a gay couple married in Canada getting divorced in New Jersey. One of these stories is not like the other, one of these things is not the same...

Meanwhile, still nothing over in Blogging Tory-land on how this is a huge victory for their Dear Leader as I write this at 9:34PM EST. But if you want to read about reptile crap, people with accents arguing over fruit or Prince Charles' investment strategies, you're in luck.

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WesternGrit said...

The CBC News report indicated it was "settled" - usually implying an "out of court" settlement between the two parties. Is this what it was, or did Harpo simply drop his lawsuit?