Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Conservative Senator: Let them eat geese!

Conservative Senator Nancy Ruth (apparently a Paul Martin appointee, bipartisanship run amok!) has a novel idea on how the government can help deal with this whole economic downturn thing, feed the poor, and keep her "summer house" from getting all crappy at the same time: shoot the excess geese and use them to feed the poor.

"We should shoot some of these geese or feed them to the poor, that would be my preference," Nancy Ruth told senior officials of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency appearing at the Senate finance committee to discuss the agency's budget for the next fiscal year.

"The Canada goose is a health hazard," Ruth added, explaining fecal waste runs into the lake and causes skin irritation known as swimmer's itch.

And it's not just the Senator's summer house that has a goose problem:
"It's downtown Toronto, too, where I also have a home . . . Why don't we kill them and feed them to the poor in Toronto? There's always been this discussion. We cull other animals. Why would we not cull the goose, especially when we have more and more people using food banks?"
You there boy, shoot me a goose! The finest goose in aaaallll of cottage country that's crapping all over my deck chair. And then ship it down to a soup kitchen in Scarborough or something...
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Jay said...

I dunno what to say about that other than what a awful human being Ruth is.

She thinks of the poor only as a solution to the feces that soils her elite eyes. Poor dear.

I can't believe I pay her wages.

That elected senate is sounding better every day.

sjw said...

An abolished Senate sounds even better.