Monday, March 23, 2009

Democracy and Journalism: Off to see Lt. General Lesie

Given the controversy in the (progressive, anyway) blogs, eventually the media, and today in the House of Commons (a Conservative backbencher lobbed a QP question to Laurie Hawn, who called for Fox to apologize) over the asinine display of disrespecting our troops by the "comedians" at Fox News (they issued an "apology" today) it's appropriate I'm out the door and on my way downtown for this Canadian Journalism Foundation event:

Democracy and Journalism: The View from the Front
For our second event in the "Democracy and Journalism" series in collaboration with the Munk Centre, we welcome Lt.-Gen. Andrew Leslie, Chief of Land Staff of the Canadian Forces, to speak on the relationship between democracy and journalism from a military perspective.
Army chief General Leslie was mocked by name by the morons at Fox News (they found his last name amusing), so I'll let you know if the good general has any thoughts for the people at Fox News. And, of course, watch tonight or tomorrow morning for a full report on the evening's discussion on what promises to be an interesting topic. You can also watch my Twitter feed for some live updates via BlackBerry during the event.

P.S. Here's the QP exchange. Maybe more Conservative bloggers will register their displeasure now that those on high have signaled theirs' (transcript from closed captioning, I haven't time to fancy it up):
>> Mike wallace (c): Thank you, mr. Speaker. Canadians are outraged at the ignorant comments about the canadian military that is running on the fox news show "red eye with greg gutfield." The episode mocks the courageous efforts of canada's brave men and women in afghanistan and is particularly hurtful as canadians mourn the loss of four more soldiers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Can the parliamentary secretary to the minister of defence tell us what does he think about this appalling episode that belittles the efforts of our canadian military?

>> The speaker: The honourable parliamentary secretary to the minister of national defence.

>> Laurie hawn (c): Well, mR. Speaker, i want to first express our deepest condolences and friends to the family and friends of our soldiers who return to canada today after making the ultimate sacrifice in afghanistan. The comments expressed by so-called comedians on fox news are disgraceful, ignorant and insulting to the canadian forces members, our diplomat and the development workers who've died in afghanistan and others who've been injured. Canadians who know of -- and others who know of canada's efforts are not laughinG. Canadian troops have been consistently praised by allied commanders and political leaders for their courage, dedication and professionalism on the battlefield. I would hope these people recognize their remarks were wrong and would move to apologize to the families and friends.
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