Friday, March 13, 2009

Electronics recycling fees come to Ontario April 1st

I don't usually reference stories I write for my day job on my blog, but I did want to make an exception because this is a story that the mainstream media seem to have largely missed. And if you're considering buying a computer or television in Ontario in the next little while, you'll want to know about it :

As of April 1st, most electronics products, from computers and monitors to peripherals, sold in Ontario will accrue a recycling fee that VARs and resellers will need to pass on to their customers, and may need to collect, report and remit to Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES), the organization responsible for implementing the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Program Plan for the Ontario government.

The first phase of the WEEE program covers desktop computers, laptops, computer peripherals, monitors, televisions and printers, with fees ranging from $13.44 for a desktop computer to 32 cents for a computer mouse.

The article is written toward our computer reseller audience, but for consumers it means in Ontario, come April 1st, you'll be paying an extra $13.44 for a desktop computer and $10.07 for a TV. So, if you've been thinking of buying, you may want to buy before April 1st. (No joke, that's the implementation date.)

Or if you're near the border, shop in Quebec instead.

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penlan said...

Thanks for the heads up on this! I'd heard something about this some time ago & then nothing else til now.

Jeff said...

The word really doesn't seem to be getting out there. If I were a retailer, I'd be running promos saying buy now to avoid the fee.

Udi said...

What you said about the program is true,it is coming.But the part about the consumer having to pay these charges is not carved in stone.The retailer can opt to pay some or all of these fees.
As for telling people to shop elsewhere " across the boarder " that won't help our economy or the fact that 90,000 tonnes of electronics goes into our landfills each and every year.
This money is not a tax,it does not go to the government.All funds collected go to running the program.
So when your keyboard right there in front of you quits maby you will think twice about what happens to it when you throw it out,or just feel good about having paid the 32 cents when you bought it.

Udi said...

It's true, the program is slated to start April 1 2009.
Some or all fees may be absorbed by the retailer,not the consumer.
By telling people to shop in another province will not help anything.This is not a tax.No money from this program will go to the government.It all goes back into the programe.So when that keyboard in front of you quits you won't have to throw it in the garbadge,because you or somone else paid 32 cents when it was purchased.
And yes the media is not doing a very good job of informing people about this program.

Jeff said...

Udi, while in theory the retailer or vendor could choose to absorb the fee, realistically that is extremely unlikely to happen. The profit margin on computer hardware is extremely thin. On desktops the fee would likely wipe-out any profit. The margin is slightly better on notebooks, but would still be a significant hit.

Realistically, all of this fee is going to be passed on to consumers. That's just how business works.