Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ignatieff: Harper invents a coalition to fight against that coalition

Michael Ignatieff scrummed with reporters this afternoon. I'll get some video posted when I get home, but I have the transcript and I found this bit here both telling, and amusing. I wonder how you say "retarded" in French, and which reporter asked this question. Anyway, I liked the answer from Michael:

>> (Voice of translator): Why do you believe that the government is making the opposition look like it's retarded or that everything is --

>> Mr. Michael Ignatieff: (Voice of translator): Because Mr. Harper is a bipartisan politician. If there is no fight he is going to invent one. Since the end of January, I have worked to make the money come out of the government into the Canadian economy that it needs. That's the first thing. And then if there is no coalition, there is none, then he invents a coalition to fight against that coalition. That's Mr. Harper's style. That's all I can say.

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Fillibluster said...

Very insightful comment by Ignatieff....about Stephen Harper, the Phantom Dragon slayer...."if there is no fight he (Harper) will invent one".

Do you suppose Harper invents fights that he thinks he can win? Failing which he simply prorogues.

Red Tory said...

Shouldn't that be "Because Mr. Harper is a partisan politician"?

Jeff said...

Red, probably. This is a transcript from the close captioning, and this section was translated by the network. So they tend to be a little rough.

I noticed it too, but decided to leave it be. I'm guessing the word should either be partisan or bisexual, but certainly not bipartisan.

MrvnMouse said...

Not the best example of journalism when you start with, so some people say you are retarded...

However CAITI, BCiT, the SOP in Canada is to create a monster out of your main opposition and run a campaign where they are scary and we are safe.

Jeff said...

Yeah mrvn, I;m thinking something must have gotten lost in the translation (the q was in French).