Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Meet your Liberal election readiness chairs

Via Sean Holman at Public Eye Online comes word today of the new Liberal election readiness co-chairs.

The full list is on the Liberal site, but the National chairs are Senator David Smith, Marcelle Mersereau, RĂ©mi Bujold and Anne McLellan. The BC chairs are Jatinder Rai, Sharon Apsey, Andrew Wilkinson and Senator Larry Campbell as "leader's outreach coordinator." And in Ontario, it's Brenda Kurczak, Jeff Kehoe and Chris Koddermann.

Lots of lawyers and lobbyists, as far as I can tell. Some of the numbers are interesting. Three for BC (four if you count Larry) and Ontario but just one for Quebec? Speaking of Quebec, I do have some thoughts on Denis Coderre's musings the other day I'll share some time soon.

Anyway, there's the list. Thoughts?

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James Bowie said...

What did Keith Davey write about co-chairs? Just saying...

The Pontificator said...

Who's Chris Koddermann?

Quixotique said...

The list actually quietly went up on the Party website on Monday. No release. No email blast to members. Do you think there's a reason for low balling this?

Jeff said...

What did he say James?

Pontificator, I don't know the name, but according to google he was a staffer for John McCallum was campaign manager for Bob Rae in Toronto-Centre in the by-election.

Quixotique, no idea. I think interest in such things is generally limited though outside political nerdom. The focus should be on the leader and the candidates.

Quixotique said...

I guess you're right re: who the focus should be on, it's just that these are the people who are going to find those candidates and organize the campaign on behalf of the leader; you'd think the Party would want to report that to the membership (more proactively). After all they are our "appointees" too!