Monday, March 09, 2009

On the Conservative, the arts and Quebec

It was Quebec that denied Stephen Harper's Conservatives his majority in the last election, and it was Conservative hostility towards and cuts to the arts that played a big factor in their poor showing in the province.

Lesson learned? We'll see, there has been some damage control done on the arts file by the government certainly, but I find this tweet from Canwest journalist David Akin to be possibly telling:

He posted an update a few minutes later:

So, at least the Conservatives have one French speaker there. Seems odd not to have a francophone Quebecer though. Given the obvious sensitivity of the issue in Quebec, and with Quebec artists testifying, you know there's going to be media play in Quebec tonight, so why not have someone there? Maxime Bernier is an associate committee member, he'd have done the trick.

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