Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rebranding 2.0: Canada's New Government becomes "The Harper Government"

This government is going through branding monikers nearly as quickly as the artist formerly known as the symbol formerly and once again known as Prince. I think, I lost track at some point.

With Canada's New Government being somewhat out of date now, and with most of my suggestions for them being unprintable on a family blog, it appears they've settled on a new moniker: The Harper Government.

I like it: direct, succinct, to the point, and it has the added benefit of being absolutely correct. This is Harper's government. He calls the shots. He writes his own speeches (except for this one by John Howard). We 're just lucky enough to live here. The cabinet is only window-dressing.

And it's his $3 billion slush fund, and he can spend it however he wants, minimal accountability and checks and balances be dammed!

I remember back when it was Canada's Government. Ah, for simpler times.

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