Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Send a BCer back to BC, if only temporarily

I hope you'll forgive me if I digress from regularly scheduled programming to make a shameless pitch for your support and assistance.

As you know the Liberal convention is coming up next month in my home province, Beautiful British Columbia. I've been elected as a delegate, and I'd like to go. There's much to do, from not electing a leader to not talking about policy as much as we'd like.

But seriously, I've never been a delegate to one of these things before and I'd like to go and make my voice heard by voting and speaking as well as just complaining online. There is still lots of policy to be passed, executive positions to elect, and constitutional reforms to consider, and I'd like to be there as a voting delegate to speak and vote for the issues around party reform and grassroots empowerment I've long been blogging and kvetching about.

It is an expensive proposition though, with a delegate fee of $995, plus air fare and accommodations. I've joined the Laurier Club at the under age 35 rate so that has cut my delegate fee down to $445, and I'd appreciate any support my loyal readers would like to give in helping me with the rest of that fee.

You can make a donation towards my delegate fee online through the Liberal Party at this link. It will count as a donation to the Liberal Party of Canada and so is tax deductible, meaning by tax time a donation of $50 could cost you as little as $12.50.

But besides tax receipts, I promise wall-to-wall blogging coverage of Liberal Convention 2009. (You can read my 2006 coverage here). From the cut and thrust of the policy drama to the non-stop excitement of constitutional amendments. And perhaps more importantly, detailed reports on which hospitality suites have the best food and drink. I've also picked-up one of those Flip video cameras, so watch for video reports from the convention as well.

So I won't pester you fine folks again, but any and all support you'd be willing to offer to help send a homesick BCer back to BC, even if it's only for a few days, would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much!

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sassy said...

Thanks for the opportunity to support you. Have fun, happy blogging.

p.s. if you have one for me, make it a single malt SVP.

Anonymous said...

Liberal convention next month? I thought it was supposed to be in May!

Jeff said...

Thanks sassy. Hopefully they'll have some Jameson, but I'd settle for a nice BC wine.

The Right, its April 30-May 2.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mr.Jedras! I kept hearing the month of May in the media.

penlan said...

Jeff, I suggest you add a link to the donation site for your trip to Van after every post you do until you have the full amt. you need. Just putting it in this post & not others will not help people to remember, nor get the word out more extensively.

Just a short line why & along with the link should work well. Good Luck!

Jeff said...

Thanks penlan, a good idea. I'm going to make a little sidebar button at some point today as well.

Pearce said...

How much do you need to raise in total? Would you be interested in meeting up with some fellow Vancouver bloggers while you are here?

Jeff said...

Pearce, I need to raise about $465 to cover the rest of the delegate fee. Unfortunately the donation site seems to be down at the moment, I've e-mailed the party about it.

For sure, I'm looking forward to meeting up with other bloggers at the convention. If there's interest, perhaps we could organize a pub meet one evening for bloggers attending convention and those in town that aren't.