Tuesday, March 03, 2009

(Video) Ignatieff won't bend on $3-billion 'slush fund' despite election threat

Michael Ignatieff scrummed with reporters after question period today, making clear Stephen Harper can bluster and threaten an election all he wants, but we'll still be demanding accountability for that $3 billion 'slush fund' they've recently announced. He also laughed-off threats of negative advertising from the Conservatives. Good scrum by Ignatieff. The contrast between his statesmanlike demeanor and the bluster of Harper was quite compelling, and shows at least one political leader is in touch with the mood of Canadians.

Here's the CP coverage, and impolitical has more. So does Steve and Liberal Arts and Minds.

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Steve V said...

That's three minutes of heaven.

Tiny Perfect Blog said...

Three minutes and twenty-two seconds on the 'blank cheque' and attack ads, and never once does Ignatieff say what he is going to do about either.

The man is going to fold, again.

WesternGrit said...

Exceptional scrum. He's "on".

Blank Cheques - He says he won't hand one out - and Canadians won't want to either. Methodically vague, yet succinct. Tact and good swordsmanship.

Attack Ads - Well addressed. He laughed it off. Best answer possible: He focused on the problems of Canadians - not some petty partisan attack ads. He doesn't have to do ANYTHING - our united party backroom and Opposition Benches will do it for him. Why dive into the gutter with Harper? Let the pig swim around in his own shit for a while... Meanwhile, we reserve the right to whatever response we feel - because we're not telegraphing our moves in advance.

Great scrum. Like many he's already done. And... imagine - he's a "rookie" leader. The best is yet to come. No wonder the "ConBots" are prepping attack ads - they need to try anything to stem the tide...