Thursday, March 05, 2009

(Video) Question period, now with 50% less Stephen Harper

For those interested, here are both the questions and the answers for today's question period exchange, on infrastructure spending of course, between Michael Ignatieff and Stephen Harper. For your sanity and my amusement, I've sped-up Harper's answers for easier digestion. I like Speedy Steve (TM pending) a little better, myself.

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Anonymous said...

I like Speedy Steve as well. I don't roll my eyes as often, or at least I do it faster so I don't feel so negative when he's done ;).

Ti-Guy said...

Heh. Really funny.

Added bonus...all the cat-calling in the House ends up sounding like you're listening to a room full of kindergartners, which is exactly right.

penlan said...

LOL - love your "Speedy Steve". I, too, am amused. :)