Thursday, March 05, 2009

(Video) Stéphane Dion asks a question, Peter Kent acts like a tool

Former Liberal leader (and still number one in my heart) Stéphane Dion posed a question in question period today for the first time since he stepped down as leader, using the slot following Michael Ignatieff to ask a question about the recent federal court ruling requiring it to seek clemency for a Canadian citizen facing the death penalty for murder in Montana.

In a rather heated exchange, Conservative junior foreign affairs minister Peter Kent showed what a tool he is. And I love his whole say something inflammatory, and than say we're reviewing the court ruling and it would be inappropriate to comment further in a rather patronizing tone. The pride of the liberal media, former Global anchor Peter Kent.

Anyway, good to see Stéphane again.

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Ian said...

Be fair, almost all of the Tory party members are tools.

penlan said...

"Former Liberal leader (and still number one in my heart) Stéphane Dion..."

My heart too.

CanadaGood said...

I agree Mr. Kent is a tool. Good use of the English venacular.
I can't say that I am 100% anti-death penalty and I can think of many exceptional circumstances to apply it; but I certainly prefer someone like Dion who spoke with passion and intelligence than someone like Kent who could only mumble the Harperite line.

lyrical said...

Dang it, Jeff, they're at it again. I googled "Stephane Dion"+clemency the other day and I found this article in the Calgary Herald, accompanied by an irksome photo. Today when I went back to reread the article I just searched 'clemency' on the Calgary Herald site. The article with the photo does not come up, but if I search on google again it does. Weird. Also the picture of Mr. Dion is not from March 5th. I think it's from last Dec. 2nd Question Period. The photo is sourced with that date in an article here.

I guess this should come as no surprise considering Peter (and Arthur) Kent's father was associate editor of the Calgary Herald years ago.