Monday, April 13, 2009

Battle of the Conservative anonymous sources

Lots of anonymous Conservatives snipping at each other in the Hill Times today over the Mulroney drama, including one who appears to be setting up Harper Chief of Staff Guy Giorno as the fall-guy:

A seasoned Hill watcher, who asked to remain anonymous, said the problems in the PMO have come from chief of staff Guy Giorno. "Everybody I talk to points the finger at him," the source said. "If you look at the Mulroney leak, the economic statement that came out in November, that was Giorno. Here's a guy that keeps continually bringing the PMO to the precipice of the cliff."

More amusing though was this lamenting all these anonymous sources talking smack:
The PMO declined to comment for this story, but another Conservative source said, "From one source to another, why don't we both put our names on the record and put our money where our mouth is?"

I agree. All this anonymous gossiping, while highly entertaining for me as for once it doesn’t involve the Liberal Party, is rather lame. But I think “another Conservative source” would have a little bit more credibility here if THEY’D put their name on the record.

“I’ve had it with all these anonymous sources,” said an unnamed Conservative. “They totally suck.”

Physician, heal thyself.

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Tom said...

More un-named anonymous Conservative insider sources!!!
The best way to present a self made 'fact' is to assign it to anonymous sources and Liberal bloggers are really overdoing it.

Oxford County Liberals said...

Jeff and other Liberal bloggers aren't overdoing anything - these sources are leaking to the media, TOm.. not Jeff.. and not other Liberal bloggers.

Jeff and others are merely commenting on how humorous it is to see the sudden influx of conservative insiders commenting anonymously on the troubles of the Conservative Party, when for he last 2 years all you read was about anonymous Liberal insiders on the troubles inside the Liberal Party.

Jeff said...

Gee "Tom", given our shared strong aversion against anonymous sources, would you support my not approving comments from anyone who doesn't have their full name in their profile, "Tom"?