Friday, April 17, 2009

Kyle Wellwood likes Iggy

A lot of mixing of politics and sports of late. For example, guess who Canucks forward Kyle Wellwood's favourite author is right now?

- He prefers to read instead of watching TV: "I read everything. I change my mind all the time. Sometimes I don't get through the books, but I like buying them. I'll read fantasy novels. I tried to read Twilight and I couldn't read that. My favourite author right now? I like Michael Ignatieff."
Wellwood, who joined the Canucks from the Maple Leafs, has also caught-on to the thing I miss the most about West Coast living. Well, besides the mountains, and the ocean, the salt air, and everything else:
He prefers Vancouver hockey fans to those in Toronto: "It's such a contrast from Toronto where people come up to you all the time. In Vancouver it's extremely rare that somebody would approach you, even at dinner or if you were at a bar having a drink. That's been really nice. Getting to watch sports at 4 p.m. instead of 7 is nice, too."
Word to that. Still, I'm hoping for many late nights watching lots of Canucks games this year.

And at least I don't live in Saskatchewan. I hear they don't even get cable there. They have to use the rabbit ears, and the signal gets pretty snowy when the wind picks up the smell from the manure piles.

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Anonymous said...


Just to clarify: you're boasting that the guy who likes buying books more than he likes reading them, and who enjoys fantasy novels, is an Ignatieff fan? You sure? You sure?

burlivespipe said...

Prairiewrangler, do you have something against bookbuyers? I'm guessing you're not in the industry in any shape or form. And while you seem to be alluding to some disdainful habit to not read everything that one buys, I'll let you know that it's not that uncommon, especially with people who love books. He doesn't say he has trouble finishing books. But if you saw his effort to cover Andy McDonald that led to St. Louis' second goal, he does have a little trouble finishing checks.
That aside, he seems to be one smart cookie. I'm hearing Trevor Linden is a fan of Ignatieff, too.

Jeff said...

Come on Olaf, he said he doesn't always get through a book. So what? And you're mocking him for enjoying fantasy novels?

I know you aren't one to buy into partisan attack lines, but I do find this amusing given the usual anti-intellectual attacks fired at Ignatieff. Here, you're going after Wellwood for an alleged lack of intellectualism.

You sure? You sure?