Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Liberal crime policies were working?

Don't you just hate when the truth shows an obvious liberal bias? Dammed inconvenient statistics!

New statistics suggest serious criminal offences were on the decline well before the federal Conservative government launched its anti-crime campaign in Parliament.


The Tories under Prime Minister Stephen Harper have campaigned on promises to get tough on crime and have introduced a number of bills in Parliament to address what they characterize as a growing problem.

But Statistics Canada says the seriousness of police-reported crime fell in every year but one during the decade leading up to the election of the Conservative minority government in 2006 through to 2007.

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Anonymous said...

This is "Police Reported Crime".

Of course it is down. That's because Canadians have lost faith in the police and the criminal justice system and now REPORT crimes at a 70% LOWER rate to the police than 25 years ago.

They feeling is why bother when nothing happens anyway - except you insurance goes up or you have long reports to fill out.

Liberal revolving door "justice" has consequences.

If crime is "lower" why do all police and now even shopping mall security guards need to wera bullet proof vests.

Lori said...

Dear Fred:

They are stab vests, not bullet proof vests. Most of the beat cops in Vancouver only wear stab vests, because they encounter more knives than guns. Mall security guards aren't allowed to wear bullet proof vests because they aren't law enforcement, they're civilians. So they get stab vests too.

As someone who lives in a supposedly unsafe and violent city on the wrong side of town, I have had exactly ONE interaction with the VPD that didn't take place at a job fair or in a local Starbucks.

That was when a cyclist was hit by a car. The driver was texting and driving.

PLEASE get your facts straight before you start drawing correlations between what you see and what you think.

Jay said...

Is it too hard for you to provide proof to your conjecture on the subject. Seems to me this what YOU THINK and not fact.

Crime rates has been dropping for years, this is just yet more proof.

Only neo-cons see criminals and immigrants lurking in the shadows at every turn.

burlivespipe said...

Don't you know - stats lie. Only gutteral instinct speaks the truth, thanks to Stephen Harper's dictate. My gut tells me Fred's a moron, by the way. See!