Thursday, April 23, 2009

Liberal Party will be debt-free by mid-May

Good news for Liberal fortunes via La Presse, and Google Translate:

the Liberal Party is about to repay its entire debt of $ 2 million six months after the last election.

Under the new National Director of the PLC, Rocco Rossi, the debt of the party will be fully repaid no later than mid-May, freeing troops liberal an important shot at a time when lead some to cause the holding of elections in the fall.
A stunning reversal of fortunes in a very short period of time, and remarkable given that at this point we should have been at the tail-end of a long and draining leadership race that would be sucking-up all these donations instead.

Now, I like leadership races, and I'd have liked to have had one. But now we're going to be coming out of this convention with a new leader and a united, debt-free party ready to take on the Harper Conservatives at a time Canadians are increasingly open to alternatives, and to the Liberal option.

That ain't a bad place to be.

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Unknown said...

Of course, it doesn't mention the fact that the party spent far less than the maximum during the last election campaign....except on polling, where they spent three times as much as the CPC.

Oxford County Liberals said...

Knit-pick much D?

Steve V said...


And don't forget all that money we saved on our prorogue video released to the networks.


It is fascinating to think just were we would be right now, under different circumstances. Extraordinary calculations aside, this spot is probably diametrically opposed to what that reality would have been.

Jeff said...

Yes, I think a few more ads is what would have made the difference in that campaign, D. Maybe the polls said to stop spending? But we're looking forward.

Steve, indeed, and it's Stephen Harper's hubris we have to thank. I hope we send him a card on his birthday.