Thursday, April 30, 2009

(Video) Justin Trudeau pumps-up a partisan crowd

Last night I attended a pre-convention cocktail get-together with some Left Coast Liberals in lovely Kitsilano, where the guest of honour was MP Justin Trudeau, who will be co-chairing the convention this weekend.

Trudeau gave a very pasionate and rousing stump speech to the partisan crowd that I managed to capture on video. Forgive the shakiness, I had to hold the camera up rather high and my arm was getting sore. Also had a glass or two of cabarnet, that was probably a factor too. :)

I've become rather impressed with Justin. He took an unheld riding and worked very had to swing it Liberal. He's been stumping for Liberals accross the country. And, in caucus, he has shown he's willing to work hard and pay his dues.

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Anonymous said...

This is a great video. Thanks for posting it Jeff!