Monday, April 20, 2009

Welcome to the adult table, Jack

Apparently the NDP decided to go out and talk to Canadians last week. And in doing so, they discovered something they've been attacking the Liberals for saying for months: Canadians want their parliamentarians to focus on the economy, not political brinkmanship:

Layton later told The Canadian Press that his party - once eager to defeat the Harper Conservatives at the first opportunity - will spend the next 10 weeks working on improving jobless benefits and pensions.

The NDP leader says he didn't hear anyone "hankering after an election" as he canvassed voters during the Commons break.

Now, I could be a dick and mock the sudden about-face by the NDP. I could go on about how this flips all their rhetoric on its ass. I could point-out that the NDP is following the Liberal lead here. I could add it's a Liberal lead the NDP ferociously attacked the Liberals for taking. And I might speculate the NDP's suddenly not hearing the election hankering has more to do with the NDP's polling numbers, and speculation the Liberals may be ready one of these months to pull the plug themselves. And a little dickisness wouldn't be totally inapproproate, either, all things considered.

But that's not how I roll. Instead, I'll just say welcome to the adult table, my NDP friends. And hey, to hold onto that all important sense of moral superiority you'll always have your votes on votes where you couldn't have made a difference anyway and where the Liberal decisions you still mock were in support of the position you now take and say Canadians want.

So, yeah. Enjoy that one guys. And pay no attention to the contradictions behind the curtain.

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Steve V said...

"Welcome to the adult table, Jack"

He'll be having the crow.

Tof KW said...

Hmmm, I'm just thinking of the optics of Layton proping up Harper on a non-confidence vote. Oh the hypocrisy!

Greg said...

There is nothing adult about this. Parliament is a daycare, run by mental patients. A pox on all of them.