Friday, May 08, 2009

Brazeau sexual harrasment case continues

I'd almost forgotten about this case involving Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau and the sexual harassment allegations raised against him by a former employee, but it popped back up in the news yesterday:

Ontario's human rights tribunal has ruled that a sexual harassment complaint involving Senator Patrick Brazeau must be heard at the federal level.

At issue was whether the matter involving the federally incorporated Congress of Aboriginal Peoples - which Brazeau led until being named to the Senate five months ago - should be handled by the provincial panel.
Interesting timing, no?

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James Bowie said...

I think Brazeau has been Stephen Harper's greatest contribution to the politics of low expectations. If Canadians don't respect politicians, it might be in part because their Prime Minister names people like this to the Senate of Canada.

burlivespipe said...

Sorry, sexual harrasment is no where the crime of making your nanny shovel your walk. Or maybe not. She shovelled something and was treated boorishly when finished. Or so they said, a couple years later after a cup of raspberry tea triggered horrible flashbacks. With the help of Jason Kenney's soothing outreachy support.

Ward of the State said...

In case anyone is still confused about how the Brazman fits into Native politics and the Harper government, plese refer them to this Venn Chart.