Friday, May 15, 2009

Conservatives' constituency week talking-points leaked

It's a break-week coming-up for Parliament, which means Members of Parliament will be going back to their constituencies and fanning-out across the country. They'll be talking to ordinary folks, taking the pulse of the nation, and all that good stuff.

And if they're Conservative, they'll be regurgitating carefully scripted talking-points on a variety of topics, from swine flu to what an evil guy Michael Ignatieff is, and how he parked his car in the Harvard Yard and what not.

Luckily, however, someone in the Conservative camp has leaked the entire talking-points package and posted it to Wiki-leaks. Feel free to download a copy, and then watch for speaking opportunities next week by your nearest Conservative MP. Follow along as he dutifully recites his pre-programmed opinions. Report any deviations to Doug Finley. And, for fun, shout out the next line before they have a chance to say it.

The content is, shall we say, quite the interesting work of fiction. My favourite part though was this:

Thank you for that warm greeting.

I always enjoy being back in [Community].
It made the Simpsons nerd in me smile:
"This morning we were driving down route... 401! And we thought they knew how to rock in Shelbyville... but nobody rocks like -- [consults note taped to back of guitar] -- Springfield!"
Good night, Springton. There will be no encores!

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