Friday, May 01, 2009

Dimitri Soudas needs better talking points

With all the money the Consevatives raise (even if they lost 5000 donors in the last quarter) you'd think they could afford to hire a decent communications spinner to come out here to the Liberal convention to talk to the media and rain on our parade. Instead, they sent us Dimitri Soudas.

Here's a taste of a little of Dimtri's "spin" from CTV's Newsnet:

Observing is quite the challenge at this convention. There was speculation -- or the liberals have promised there would be about 10,000 delegates. I'm not sure if there's 15 or 200 of them. And given the beautiful weather in british columbia, i think half of them are out playing golf today.
Here's a few facts. Speaking with organizers last week, we were expecting 1500-2000 delegates to come to Vancouver. Between it being out on the West Coast, it not being a leadership race, the economic crisis, oh, and swine flu, that would be a pretty good turnout. But it was announced today that we've got 2500 dues-paying delegates here in Vancouver. Plus many observers, media, and bloggers.

And by the way, I just stepped out of a convention opening plenary that was packed to the gills and overheating. It is a beautiful day outside though.

To add a little perspective to Dimitri's comments, in Montreal in 2006, one of the most heavily contested races in recent memory, had maybe 7000 delegates. There was neve going to be 10,000 delegates here. That's a ridulous figure. If you're going to make up a number, Dimitri, it needs to be realistic. He may as well have said 1 million delegates. He looks like a dufus.

And if you're wondering, for their recent convention in Winnipeg, the governing Conservatives, in their first convention in power, got 1500 delegates.

I heard they were expecting 10,000 though. Maybe they were golfing...

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C4SR said...

Not to be picky or anything, but last time I looked it was the governing TORIES who had such a dismal convention in Winnipeg.

Anonymous said...

Let them keep at it because the more they do it, the less credible they become. Just what the Liberals need.

Soudas et al. are taking the Conservative party down from the inside and that's fine with me.