Thursday, May 07, 2009

Oh Gilles Duceppe, you aristocrat, you

Like most anglophones outside Quebec, and maybe some within in, I think Gilles Duceppe is the bee's knees. But I find his recent attack on Michael Ignatieff more than a little amusing:

The Bloc doesn't mention that Mr. Ignatieff's ancestors were part of the czarist regime in Russia. Mr. Duceppe nonetheless attacks Mr. Ignatieff for treating Quebeckers with “aristocratic scorn” when he recognizes the Quebec nation, all the while “stamping all over our differences and our choices.”
Because if anyone knows an aristocrat when he sees one it's Gilles Duceppe, god love him.

I mean, with polls showing the Ignatieff-led Liberals either neck-in-neck with the BQ in Quebec, or even ahead of them, mon ami Gilles needs to do something to blunt the growing Liberal momentum in Quebec. But Gilles calling Michael aristocratic would be like Jack Layton making fun of someone's mustache.

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EB-5 Dreamlife said...

While I am prone to ignore anything coming out of Gilles's mouth, we have to be wary. His critiques can hold water in QC outside of Mtl, and as such, if the letter is carried in the Francophone media, we would have to try to respond, if Michael doesn't.

felicitatum said...

I have to say, I like Duceppe - but it looks as if he sees Ignatieff as dangerous to the Bloc; not just as in competition for the Liberals, but in his vision of Canada as a united country. What part can the Bloc play in a united country?

I'm beginning to see them as a block (no pun intended) to progressive government for the rest of Canada, because really it's a party that represents only one area of Canada, yet can influence political outcomes in the rest of Canada. That's just wrong.

It's been a good ride for him, but I think he sees the end coming in Ignatieff. No more federal power for you.

If the Bloc had reps in Alberta -- I'd vote for one, in my riding. (Harper's riding btw - hahahaha ) ; I think Duceppe would make a great PM.