Wednesday, May 13, 2009

PEI government: You can't trust the Harper Conservatives

So, how's that new era of federal-provincial cooperation going again there, Steve?

Premier Robert Ghiz accused the federal Conservatives on Tuesday of leaking details of talks with the province about aid to the P.E.I. lobster industry to the provincial Opposition.

An angry Ghiz said in the legislature that the federal Conservatives can't be trusted.

``Just for everybody's knowledge, because we might as well say it, unfortunately, you can't trust your federal counterparts,'' Ghiz said during a heated exchange with Tory fisheries critic Jim Bagnall.

Ghiz accused several high-ranking federal Conservatives of leaking information about an aid package for Island lobster fishermen.


He went on to name names, pointing fingers at four federal Conservative bureaucrats who took part in meetings between the federal and provincial government Monday.

``We are ready to make an announcement. Unfortunately, we were waiting on our federal counterparts,'' said Ghiz. ``But either Gail Shea, Pat Dorsey, Wayne Hooper or Philip Brown leaked that information to the honourable member from Montague-Kilmuir.''

``Here we have a clear indication that the member from Montague-Kilmuir is more concerned about politics in this province than he is with helping out Islanders, and I say shame on him and shame on his party.''

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