Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Stephen Harper an elitist academic?

So says the Canadian Press

"I have even (mentioned) to a couple of NHL owners I think southern Ontario is ripe to support more than one NHL team," said Harper, a keen fan and hockey historian.
Not only is Harper a historian, I hear he’s even writing a book on the subject.

Real Canadians don’t study things or write books, Mr. Harper. We rarely even read them. And the only history we care about is how we had to go save France’s be-hinds in WW1 AND WW2, because that made for some kick-ass movies.

Stephen Harper, historian and author? I don’t know how this will play at Tim Horton’s…

But seriously, if Stephen Harper is a historian, I'm the King of England.

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1 comment:

Andrew P. said...

I can believe it. It's not like he's spending his time trying to do a good job of running the country