Thursday, June 04, 2009

Court to Conservatives: stop being dicks

Once again, with the Stephen Harper Conservatives unwilling to defend the rights of Canadians, the federal court has to step in and smack the government around. This time, its on the Abousfian Abdelrazik case:

A judge has ordered the Harper government to arrange a Montreal man's return from Sudan within 30 days.

Federal Court Justice Russel Zinn says the government breached Abousfian Abdelrazik's constitutional rights by not allowing him to fly home.
How many times, now, has the courts had to step in and tell this Conservative government that it has the duty, and the moral obligation, to protect the rights of its citizens? And ALL its citizens, not just the ones that fit their ideological definition of traditional values and "real" Canadians.

Frankly, I've lost count. The court had to step in for Canadians on death row. The courts had to step in on Omar Khadr, a case Harper is appealing. And now Abdelrazik. And I'm sure there's others I'm forgetting.

It's pretty pathetic, frankly, when the courts have to step in -- regularly -- and tell the Reformatories "Hey, you're job is to stand on guard for the rights of Canadians. So smarten the hell up!" They should kind of know that already.

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Oxford County Liberals said...

I can also guess the Conservative response to this court case as well:

Someone will bring it up in QP, the government will claim it's carefully studying the decision, and in 30 days or less, you'll see an appeal. They will either drag this all the way out to the Supreme Court in the hopes they can somehow win, or else they'll do the dragging out so a government other then theirs is the one acting to comply with the courts.

..wouldn't want the "law and order" base (an oxymoron if there ever was one) to get upset for them complying with "liberal judge's orders".

Kirbycairo said...

It seems that the idea of law and order doesn't apply to the Conservative Government. They can flout all the laws they want. When are they going to get tough on their own crimes?