Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dona Cadman breaks with Conservatives on Lennikov deportation

Just as I'm heading out the door on this mid-week holiday eve, breaking news from the left coast. Conservative MP Dona Cadman is breaking from her party's position on the deportation of Mikhail Lennikov and will lobby the government to allow him to say.

Good on Donna for standing up for what's right, even if it may be unpopular with her party. I hope she does lobby her caucus colleagues, and I hope they listen.

The federal government says he has to leave.

But Mikhail Lennikov, the former KGB member holed up in an East Vancouver church to avoid deportation, has at least one Conservative MP who wants him to stay in Canada.

Surrey-North MP Dona Cadman has signed a letter, along with 35 other New Democrat, Liberal and Bloc MPs, pleading with Immigration Minister Jason Kenney and Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan to let Lennikov stay.

Cadman says she thinks it's the right thing to do and may try to lobby her own caucus, "I felt the man has been over here for eleven years. We let him come in, he had, on his application, put that he worked for the [KGB], and this seems to be the big thing that everybody's upset about."

"If they were so upset about it and so against him, they should have stopped him then, not wait eleven years and then come back once he's settled and do this," says Cadman.

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A Eliz. said...

Do you think Harper wull be pleased.?...Good for Donna.

penlan said...


Harper pleased? Lol...he'll be infuriated. Probably kick a few chairs, upend a desk & scream at his staff & Cadman. The usual Harper attitude towards those who don't toe-the-line & do as His Majesty says.

ridenrain said...

I'm pretty sure that I heard her on CKNW say "KBG" instead if KGB. It's probably somewhere in their archives but not worth the effort to find it.
I honestly don't think she has a clue.