Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Maxime Bernier on Lisa Raitt's misplaced documents

I'm sure this will endear Maxime Bernier to Stephen Harper all the more, no?

“I think she has good judgment. She must use her judgment like I did in my circumstance,” Maxime Bernier said Wednesday.

“I did what I had to do at my time. I assumed my own responsibility. She's going to do what she thinks is good for the country and for her.”
In other words, I had to resign so she better have to as well. Unless Harper was lying when he said it was because of the documents I had to resign, and not because of my biker-connected girlfriend with the hot dresses and the what not.

Unfortunately, since Bernier did not run away quickly from the reporter, my dream scenario is now even less unlikely: Maxime returning to cabinet in Raitt's portfolio. That would have been too funny.

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Ian said...

Looks like she might just hang on:

"Government sources tell Canwest News Service that it is unlikely Raitt will come in for the same censure as Bernier.

One source suggested that Raitt is a favourite of the prime minister and his key advisers. Bernier, on the other hand, had occasionally irked Harper and his inner circle by trying to be too independent in managing his own office, particularly when it came to co-ordinating his own media relations strategy."


You can, however, give the Conservatives credit for trying to compensate for the current slow rate of Access to Information requests.

Jeff said...

Trial balloon. Public reaction will tell the tale. QP today should be a doozy.