Thursday, June 18, 2009

Liberals support net neutrality

A question during question today from Liberal MP Marc Garneau on net neutrality, who stated the Liberal Party's support for the principle:

Marc Garneau: Mr. Speaker, in a free and open democracy in the 21st century, in an innovative and progressive economy, no tool is more paramount than the internet. The internet is the backbone of today's flow of free ideas and sharing. My party, the Liberal Party, supports the principles of net neutrality and an open and competitive internet environment. Do the Conservatives support the principle of net neutrality?

The speaker: The honourable minister of industry.

Hon. Tony Clement: Mr. Speaker, I thank the honourable member for his submission. I look forward to working with him and other s who are active in this field. I am, in fact, convening the first digital economy conference this nation has ever done that. That will be on Monday in Ottawa. Where we have all of the great companies -- the academics, government officials -- to work on the new digital economy strategy for this nation, so we can be number one in the world when it comes to the digital economy. I invite my friend to participate in any way he sees fit.

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