Thursday, June 25, 2009

Program for the disabled a Conservative slush fund?

Hopefully the auditor general will look into this because these are troubling accusations, and to use a program intended to assist the disabled for partisan political ends is doubly sad:

The auditor general has been asked to investigate why Conservative ridings -- particularly Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's constituency -- have disproportionately benefited from a federal fund to improve access to buildings for the disabled.

Liberal MP Mike Savage has requested Auditor General Sheila Fraser examine what he called a Tory "slush fund."

He made the request after calculating that 94 per cent of the funding approved so far from the $45-million Enabling Accessibility Fund has gone to Conservative-held ridings.

In particular, only two of 89 applications for major project funding have been approved, both for $15 million and both in Conservative ridings -- Calgary Northeast and Flaherty's Whitby-Oshawa in Ontario.


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bogged down said...

Jeff you ever think about posting some stories about whats going on in Ontario your new found home? Man would love to hear your perspective on this power-grab, solve nothing Green Energy Act the provincial Libs. just passed.